Don’t Throw It Out! Integrate Antique Furniture In Your Kitchen

Redesigning a kitchen can be a tough task, especially if you have a piece of furniture that has a beloved history. It could be your grandmother’s walnut cabinet, or it could be your childhood dining table that was passed down through generations, where meals, laughter, and stories were shared.

You grew up with these things, and it’s only natural that you’d want your children to do the same. While it may be tempting to throw away these antiques in favor of more modern products, it is possible to build a kitchen using heirlooms as center-pieces. The specialists at Polaris Home Designs can help you pick the right materials to build around your household’s cherished heritage.

Preserve the past and embrace the new

Although antique kitchens have an unearned reputation as being and musty, this is simply not the case. By fusing traditional materials and color palettes with modern design sensibilities, you can create a grandiose dining and cooking space without being too overbearing.

Accentuate your heirlooms by choosing classic color schemes. Whereas modern designs tend to use crisp, cool colors, traditional compositions require warm and neutral hues such as beige or light cherry. The most important section of your kitchen, the countertop, should utilize earthy and luxurious materials such as quartz or granite whose natural patterns complement wooden antiques.

Another way to integrate your inherited treasures is through choosing kitchen cabinets with a glazed finish, such as creme glazed maple or durango sandalwood. These shades will emphasize the organic nature of your antiques, serving as a spatial frame for vintage furniture such as dining tables, chairs, or even grandfather clocks. Lastly, creating an antique-themed farmer’s sink and faucet can bring an old-world, homestead charm to your kitchen, and will surely draw praise from friends and loved ones coming over to visit and reminisce.

Not sure where to start?

Here at Polaris Home Designs, we value collaboration and open communication with our clients. Contact our North Hollywood representatives if you have any questions regarding affordable antique kitchen remodeling. We have a wide selection that will suit your design needs and budget.